AlSeedawi Lebanese & Emirates Factory Co.

Our founders have over 50 years experience in the field and industry of the Tahina, Halawa, and Toffee in Lebanon, Kuwait and the UAE, where the acquisition of consumer confidence came from the use of the best raw materials in the world. Al Sayyadi Lebanese & Emirates Factory Co. is committed to the best quality level in this traditional industry without neglecting the development in the world of modern food processing. As a result of its superiority and excellence of its products, Al-Sayyadi Lebanese and Emirates Factory Co. won numerous awards in the UAE and all over the world. Our products are subject to periodic checks in the official laboratory of the Ministry of Health of UAE and holds a certificate of HASAB and ISO901 and Ajman Industrial Excellence Award. We are committed to a plan to continuously develop our products, taking into account all the requirements and food safety requirements that contribute to the preservation and development of quality level in addition to relying on creative ideas for product development in terms of packaging and diversity which contributes to improving the productivity and profitability of the company. Our end goal is to be one of the best in this industry all over the world.


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